Be Transparent

Why hide or conceal your true thoughts or feelings? Be open about your experiences and watch how many people are helped by simply sharing your journey.

It's crucial to your #healing as well. It takes so much energy to wear disguises and send our "social representatives" 
Just Be You! Walk in your #truth.

If you're hurt -say that. If you feel love say that too. Don't say -yes when you mean "No".

Don't say "I don't care" when you're emotionally invested.

Don't say "I'm fine" when you're dying inside.

Stop saying "I feel some type of way " and give a clear name to the emotion.

Bring the Best Version of You. (And on some days your "You" might not be so great)
Show up as Yourself .
Be Transparent.

Be a Blessing & Share
Katrina Joy

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