I Am Willing

Often times we can be capable but not willing.

Willing equates with readiness and preparedness. Its an energy of eagerness

It's ungrudging and not reluctant

Be willing to make the changes that equate with #transformation in your life

Be willing to bridge gaps and fill in blanks that enrich other people lives

Be willing to make choices from and for your highest self. Walking away from what's not in alignment with who you are and who you are growing to be.

Be willing to release the bondage of #unforgiveness. Set your heart free.

Be willing to create #boundaries and draw the lines that protect your peace. Also Be willing to protect and secure those boundaries.

Be willing to give thought and consider to what you are willing to do- who you are willing to be.

Be willing to revisit and press reset on expectations we have placed on ourselves or placed on us by others. As we grow and change so does our vantage point.

And that is OK

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