What Are You Choosing In This Moment?

Choice is our highest freedom! It’s the moment of grace wrapped in liberation.

Often times we go through our day taking for granted this divine gift. We walk in blame, and self doubt. We pursue pity and unleash an arsenal of anger and unforgiveness on others and more often than not on ourselves.

So let’s begin to unpack and check in with ourselves about this gift of choice. There is always a higher path , a higher choice, that resonates with self-love. There is always a higher choice that honors the divine in you and honors the divine others. Namaste- the divine in me, honors the divine in you.

We often ask the question ” Why is this happening to me ? ” “What is happening right now ?” or I can’t believe this is happening ? The error in this process is that is leaves room to blame others and not be accountable. It leaves room to not acknowledge your freedom of choice. Our lives are a collection of choices that we’ve made.

Every day in every way – we make a choice.

We make a choice.

We make a choice.

And….We make a choice.

When your day is going in unexpected ways…will you choose in the moment to lash out at your loved ones? Or in that moment will you choose to get by yourself for 15 minutes or more to unwind and calm your frustrations.

In an argument with a loved one. Will you attack them with hurtful insults? Verbally recount every thing they did to upset over the course of your relationship? Give them the silent treatment? Say something you will regret and can’t take back?

Or will you pursue peace and listen to what they have to communicate before communicating your feelings. Will you choose kindness and patience? Will you choose to represent your highest self and honor the divine in both of you? Will you choose to verbalize you viewpoints without tearing down someone else? If you conclude to part ways with someones will you choose to walk away in forgiveness and detach without destroying?

The above is just one example. Nevertheless, there are countless others.

What do you choose in this moment ?

Build Up or Tear Down ?
Persist or Procrastinate ?
Love or Hate ?
Help or Hinder ?
Empower or Enable ?
Motivate or Discourage ?
Energize or Deplete ?
Forgiveness or Grudge ?
Faith or Fear ?
Calm or Chaos ?

Live or Die ?

It’s your choice. You are free! You get to choose. Choose from your highest self.
How you love others is connected to How you love yourself.

What are you choosing in this moment ?

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